Products - Bermuda grass

Ebro River Basin (19-09-2017)

Reservoir water: 3382 hm³
Capacity: 7511 hm³
Percentage: 45.03%
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Bermuda grass is an energy-rich herbaceous plant suitable for maintenance rations and especially recommended for sheep, horses and replacement heifers.

It is an ideal product for a diet in which energy input is required.


  • In the same vegetative state as legumes it is richer in energy because it has fewer woody stems and is poorer in soluble carbohydrates.
  • Lower protein content: protoplasmic components are poorer in nitrogen than legumes.

It is also ideal for high-production dairy cow diets.

Cuenca del Ebro (19-09-2017)

Agua embalsada: 3382 hm³
Capacidad: 7511 hm³
Porcentaje: 45.03%